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Class Descriptions


Class Descriptions

Beginners – A beginners hatha/vinyasa flow class.  You will learn the key poses in an all levels class at a slower pace.  No heat added.

Warm All Levels – A warm (80-85 degrees) hatha/vinyasa flow with options to modify for beginners or advanced students.

Hot All Levels – A hot (90-95 degrees) hatha/vinyasa flow with options to modify for beginners or advanced students.

Slow Flow & Restorative – This class is designed to help reduce tension in your body, so that you can relax and find a greater sense of rest and balance.

Weekend Warrior – An upbeat, fun, butt-kicking class to wipe the slate clean for the weekend!  This class is fast-paced. Expect a challenge!

Yin Yoga – A passive yoga practice that targets connective tissues such as ligaments, joints, and bones. Yin compliments our regular, more active, “yang” vinyasa yoga classes which primarily target lengthening and contracting our muscles.

Meditation – Connect with your body, your breathing, and your ability to enter into a deep state of relaxation. Meditation is used as a way to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and balance out any negative or debilitating thoughts -leaving more room for positivity, creativity and personal growth!


Prenatal Yoga – Prenatal yoga classes are offered in an unheated room, with a teacher who is specifically trained in vinyasa prenatal yoga. Prenatal classes will focus on helping the expecting woman achieve a strengthening level of workout in a safe environment, with relaxation at the end of the practice to help reduce discomfort associated with pregnancy.  All Trimesters & Beginners Welcome!

Baby & Me Yoga – Bring your baby to yoga with you!  Strengthen your core, regain muscle tone, de-stress, and gain more energy while bonding with your baby.  This class is light-hearted and casual.  Moms / Dads are welcome.  All levels are welcome. Offered to newborns 0-12 months.

Kids Yoga (Ages 3-7) – Kids yoga classes include an introduction to yoga poses, games, music, and conversations about positive thinking and positive living! Your kids will become more aware of their bodies while building strength, flexibility and coordination. Each class will have a different theme to help with cultivating skills for stress management, self-confidence and overall well-being. The best part is, the kids will have fun and enjoy their time together in a creative, supportive environment. No prior yoga experience is necessary!

Pre-Teen Yoga (Ages 8-12) – This class is specifically designed for the pre-teen age group. Each class will have a theme and a “flow” sequence, similar to an adults class. Each class will build off of the class before with a theme / tools to help pre-teens navigate through this age. Yoga is known to help with strength, flexibility, and good posture. Themes and tools include stress-management, confidence, kindness/compassion, and gratitude. No prior yoga experience is necessary!

Note: The Age Minimum is 13 years old for all Warm or Unheated classes. The Age Minimum for Hot classes is 16 years old.