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Be Open to Possibilities

By Jen | In News | on April 16, 2014

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Tonight I was talking with my husband about our journey of opening Universal Power Yoga.  I remember the first space we looked at was the “perfect one” (or so I thought).  I drove by it every day, kind-of obsessed with it because I was so excited and visualized the studio full of people with all of the details.  Turns out, after a few months, the space fell through, and I was back at square one.  Part of me was upset and it was hard to let go of that first space.  I felt like I had “wasted time” and felt frustrated.  Every space I looked at after that was compared to the first one and it was difficult for me to move on.  Then I remember, I was looking at a space further down on Route 1, and I saw the mailman walking around the building.  We started chatting, and he mentioned that I should look down the street at the space above the Oreck store.  He said the building was new, and the landlord was a really great guy.  So, off I went, to drive by the new space.  The landlord called me back right away, and I was in there within a few days to see it.  The moment I walked in, I knew it was the one!  My husband and I laughed tonight because he reminded me that I signed the lease before he even saw it.  He said I knew it was right, so he trusted me.  I completely forgot about that part.  The lesson?  Be open to possibilities.  Sometimes what you think is the perfect fit, actually is just a step in your journey leading you to the perfect fit.


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