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AcroYoga w/ Pat Donaher, UPY Teacher

By Jen | In News | on October 23, 2013

pat lulu acro

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about AcroYoga.  So, I interviewed Pat Donaher to find out more about what it is and why he’s hooked!  


Jen: Pat, I’d love to share insights about AcroYoga with our students.  What is AcroYoga all about?

Pat: Good question. AcroYoga is a remarkable hybrid of yoga, partner acrobatics, and Thai massage.  It combines dynamic, athletic practices with partner massage and healing arts.  AcroYoga strengthens your yoga practice, and the therapeutic work is just as important as the high-flying high jinks.  You’ll learn some amazing partner moves to lengthen your spine, and release tension all over your body.

Jen: That’s awesome.  Is it accessible for all levels?

Pat: Acro is for everybody, and every body.  Often I’ll be in a park or at a demo somewhere playing with AcroYoga (we call it playing, because it is) and someone walks by and says: “That’s amazing, but I can’t do that.”  And if they let us, we prove them wrong on the spot.  You don’t need to be a circus performer, or a master yogi, or have any yoga experience to do AcroYoga.  We rely on some very basic principals- the same ones we talk about all the time in yoga classes- and add the element of dynamic partnership.

Jen: What was your first AcroYoga experience like?

Pat: About ten years ago, I was taking a private yoga session. (By the way, we do private lessons at UPY!)  I was trying to get deeper into camel pose and my teacher said “turn around.”  I did, and he proceeded to hoist me up into the air.  I felt disoriented, and exhilarated, and like a kid again…and I went deeper into the backbend.  The photo above is a version of that pose (thanks Lululemon Legacy Place for hosting our demo!)  Anyway, after that class, I loved it and started taking every AcroYoga class I could find.  I am now a certified AcroYoga teacher.  I teach beginner and intermediate AcroYoga classes all over the northeast.

Jen: It looks really fun!  I have always wanted to try it, so I’m excited for this Saturday.

Pat: IT’S SO MUCH FUN!  Every time I base someone (what I’m doing in the photo) I feel like a super-hero!  Every time I fly (what my partner is doing), I feel like a giddy five year old.  You know a yoga studio is having an Acro class when the dominant sound is giggling.  You WILL leave the workshop feeling supported, uplifted, and exhilarated.

Will You Join Us?

AcroYoga Workshop this Saturday, 10/26/2013, 2-4:30 pm. 

Sign up here: (workshops tab)


See you Saturday!!
Jen & Pat

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