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Guest Blogger: Tracy, UPY Student

By Jen | In News | on September 23, 2013
Note: The below testimonial was copied and pasted directly from an e-mail from Tracy! 
“A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I needed to take better care of myself. During that time, I was wicked stressed, easily frustrated, and feeling exhausted. Although I was hesitant to try yoga again, after having a bad experience many years ago, I decided to give yoga another try.
Fortunately, I found UPY! The studio is amazing and I always feel welcomed! Not only are the instructors fantastic, but they are also helpful in guiding you through your practice, and assisting you with your form by making modifications as needed. I also love how everyone is respectful of each other’s practice and you go at your own pace. UPY is the perfect place to develop one’s practice!
Since I started practicing, which is an average of four to five days a week, I found that it has not only helped me mentally, but emotionally, and physically, as well. Not only am I more patient in my relationships, more confident in my work, but I am also stronger as a runner. While there is more to list, essentially, yoga has helped shaped me into a more positive person!
The best part of my day is going to yoga practice. Personally, yoga is a time in which I can let go of all my worries and focus on myself. This may sound selfish, but in order to care for others, one must be healthy and mindful of how much they can handle. As we all live our lives, a journey filled with obstacles and challenges, it is important to take a minute (or an hour) to yourself to breathe and relax. With the wisdom and strength I have gained in my practice, I have been able to reflect on how much I have endured, and to assess what I need to continue on this voyage. By using these skills, life is a little less intimidating and much more enjoyable!
Thank you, UPY, for sharing this beautiful, positive space!  On behalf of all of the UPY students, I want to thank you. Your guidance in our practice has not only empowered us to be more resilient, but also more mindful of ourselves!
With love and wishing the UPY family continued success,
PS – In only a few weeks, I can already feel that my core / abs have gotten stronger.  UPY Teachers taught me how to do crow and each time I practice I can hold it a little bit longer. Thanks UPY!”

One Comment to "Guest Blogger: Tracy, UPY Student"

  • Erin says:

    September 23, 2013 at 10:05 am - Reply

    Great Pic! Love the smile!

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