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What is constant in this ever-changing world?

By Jen | In News | on July 10, 2013
“Loving yourself is the key to loving others.
Love Begins with you.”   Don Miguel Ruiz
On Sunday, I wrote in my journal about how everything around me seemed to be changing, and nothing seemed to be “constant” anymore.  I literally wrote down 2 columns in my journal “changing” and “constant”.  The “constant” column was much shorter: “family” and “best friends,” and I knew that even these could change.
  my back
First thing Monday morning, my mom e-mailed me, and said,
Hi Jen,
Sounds like you had a great weekend, did you catch any fireworks?  I read Yogalosophy on my kindle over the relaxing weekend.  Wrote down a few things from it that I thought you would like…..
“Your body is your primary relationship. Lovers come and go, friends can drift apart, children grow up and leave, parents pass away, and coworkers and work places change. The only guaranteed constant for this lifetime is your amazing vehicle of a body. That is why developing a healthy relationship with it is even more important than the relationship you have with your friends, partner, children, and parents. If you are putting everyone and everything else before your body, you are missing out on the greatest and most intimate and important relationship of life.”
Have a great day.  Love you,
 I was completely amazed.  My mom (who always brings me a sense of comfort and stability when I need it most) came through again, with this important reminder.  And the timing was spot on!!  I mean, really?
That night I went home, opened my journal and wrote “my body” in the “constant” column.  Then I practiced yoga and went to bed. 😉

 What have you done to take care of your body lately?  You only get one….

 jacqui savasana

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