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Construction Update Part 2

By Jen | In News | on May 28, 2013


UPY is looking great!  Fed Ex came and left with our floors because “the business was closed”…. bummer.  So I called customer service, and talked to a manager.  Finally, he agreed to have the driver call me when he was 15 minutes away so I could meet him at the studio.  Thank you, Fed Ex!  Here are the grey floors being installed.  I love how they look with the light blue walls!

I also love these floors because they are waterproof (aka sweat proof) and easy to clean.  They are made from latex-free foam and are also free from harmful chemicals.  They have a little give, so they are really great for your joints, and safer than traditional hardwood floors.  If you have sensitive knees in table top or any other poses, you won’t need to “pad your back knee” with a towel.  It’s like one giant yoga mat!!!  If you ever forget your mat, you could technically practice right on the floor.  Although most people like to have a mat as it defines their personal yoga space.  At least it’s an option!


We are still putting in the floors, and there are a million other things I could be doing, but finding time to practice every day has helped me stay grounded and focused.  Some days it’s less than 20 minutes of meditation and some cat / cows, and some days it’s 2 hours with a full asana practice (poses). This floor is also great for trying difficult poses because if you fall out, it’s a soft landing. 🙂

arm balance


Ended with a very long savasana.  It was dark except for the street lights coming in through the window.  Ah, bliss.  And I feel so much better than I did before my practice.

 2 weeks loves!  We are getting ready for you…..

Grand Opening Saturday June 8th-  10 AM Kids Class, 12 PM Adult Class, 2 PM Adult Class – Free! 🙂


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